Is it a Good Solution to Outsource Web Development in Ukraine?

The major purpose of delegating web development to overseas countries is to enhance the technological capabilities of the company at a lower cost. However, that’s not the primary value why business turns to nearshore and offshore vendors. The professionals with a unique experience, almost instantly available through outsourcing, ensure rapid business growth. What is more, up-to-date models of cooperation make it possible for a client to take part in the web development process on different levels, including complete control over the engineering teams.

Over recent years, it has become quite popular to apply for IT services offered by Asian and Eastern European companies. In this matter, let’s take a more precise look at Ukraine. It is a promising country that has earned the trust of many large international companies just in a couple of years.

Why is outsourcing web development to Ukrainian engineering teams a reasonable solution in 2021? How can Ukrainian developers help your business? Are the services of Ukrainian specialists more cost-effective than those of the Western European neighbors? Answers to these questions you will find in our post.


  1. The major reasons to rely on Ukrainian developers in the web development process
  2. Convenient terms of cooperation
  3. Outsourcing company in Ukraine or Freelancer
  4. How does it work with FreySoft?
  5. FAQ: Outsource web development in Ukraine

The major reasons to rely on Ukrainian developers in the web development process

The research by IAOP reveals Ukraine at the first places in the rank of the best nearshore IT hub’s destinations. Here there are over 1700 companies specialized in the development and over 185,000 certified engineers. Let us find out the key reasons why you should turn to the Ukrainian outsourcing of web development.

Focus on quality and cutting-edge expertise

The Ukrainian software development market is quite saturated, and the competition for technical talent is reasonably high. The Ukrainian engineers possess a wide range of skills, in particular the present-day programming languages. That makes possible to create innovative digital solutions and fulfill even your toughest requirements.

Ukraine claims the first place in the world for the number of Unity3D game and C ++ engineers, the second place is for the specialists in Scala, JavaScript, and the third goes to Node.js, Python, Ruby, and PHP experts.

It is this gradual growth of the IT field that allows the business to increase its expertise in the development and create a powerful export industry focused on the creation of high-tech software and R&D projects. 

Outsource web development in Ukraine
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Streaming tech community

Ukraine has historically been the technological center of the USSR, and after getting independence, this legacy keeps being valid. Here there are technical universities in every major city. A sufficient majority of young people are choosing the informational and engineering directions. Besides, there are a variety of internships and courses provided by tech companies. In turn, that allows students or those who are striving for new knowledge in the IT landscape to improve their skills.

The cities in Ukraine often have IT clusters. They unite the educational institutions and different experts in the IT field whose aim is to develop the tech environment in their city. The professionals conduct lectures and seminars to share the experience and knowledge with their colleagues.

Fluency in English

About 80% of Ukrainian web developers speak English at a proficient level. This is explained by the high-quality Ukrainian education and the specifics of the job. To clarify, English is a must-study language in school and university.

IT professionals are constantly working on improving their English. It is an integral part of the career development path. Moreover, a big-scale development company has either full-time teachers or contact with the English language school in the city. Thus, if you directly want to communicate with the technical team, you will not face difficulties regarding the language barrier. 

Affordable price rates

By turning to web development services in Ukraine, business owners can significantly save their money resources. The prices often depend on the difficulty of the task and the vendor’s rating. The average cost of the Ukrainian engineer’s work is about $25-50 per hour. Similarly, the prices of the Western European start from $70-100 and above. The low price, as we found out previously in the article, is not a sign of poor quality.

However, we should notice that before you sign the contract, you need to choose your best suitable engagement model of cooperation where the pricing terms can vary from each other:

  • In case you want to outsource the entire project to the vendor, then the outsourcing company draws up the terms of reference and creates a turnkey solution from scratch. The payment can be based on the fixed cost or on a time and material basis.
  • When your team lacks one or several specialists, you can augment it with specific IT experts or hire a dedicated team. The payment includes the pre-negotiated monthly basis fee to its developers and a fixed cost for the vendor’s services. 

The IT outstaffing companies like FreySoft can provide you with as many developers as you need. We can fulfill all your changeable requirements. 

  • Another option is to set up your own development center in Ukraine with its project manager, business analysts, developers, designers, testers, HR, and accounting specialists. However, here you will need to solve the legal, administrative, local tax system, and hiring issues on your own. In turn, it can lead to quite challenging and time-consuming solutions. 

Convenient terms of cooperation

1. Time zone

The time zone of Ukraine is GMT + 2. It is so beneficial for European clients since the working hours in the EU or UK will be almost the same as the working hours of the remote team in Ukraine. For American customers, Ukraine also considers being a better choice in comparison to the time zones of Russia, or China. Moreover, the majority of IT remote vendors are ready to adapt to the client’s convenient time for meeting and discussing project details.

2. Culture 

The advantageous geographical location of the country is not the primary reason for an enormous interest in the Ukrainian IT industry, but the fact of the cultural compatibility of Ukrainians with Western clients. Ukrainians are European-minded. They are open, tolerant, inquisitive, and determined. That is to say, you will definitely find yourself comfortable in building a good relationship with partners from this country. 

3. Residence

It is relatively easy and cost-effective to make business trips to Ukraine since the cost of living here is one of the lowest in the world. Traveling without visa-needed circumstances, direct flights, and the opportunity of visiting an unfamiliar country with a moderate budget are the advantages you get when traveling to Ukraine. 

4. Favorable environment

The Ukrainian IT industry, despite the political issues in the country, is developing at a fast pace. According to the data provided by the World Bank, the Ukrainian developers climbed up 20 stages since 2015. Besides, now it is also easier to pay taxes if compared to recent years. 

5. Highly strong reputation

Ukrainian IT professionals have a perfect reputation among Western European and American clients. These two export markets remain the largest for outsourcing web development services in Ukraine. According to a report from Ukraine Digital News, local IT providers are extremely demanded in such key industries as data management, software, web and mobile app development, gaming, e-commerce, Fintech, healthcare.

Ukraine is the home of many world-famous startups that include Grammarly, Jooble,, Gitlab, PetCube, Depositphotos. The listed startups were launched due to the Ukrainian outsourcing specialists. 

The colossal level of technological expertise, the quality of project implementation, and the ability to solve complex problems at a more affordable price – these and more other features distinguish Ukraine from its neighbors. Thanks to such competitive factors, Ukraine now is a reliable and profitable country in terms of IT outsourcing. And it quite successfully competes with Western European colleagues. 

This fact allows us to consider that the peak of development of the outsourcing IT market in Ukraine is ahead. The companies specializing in this industry have huge prospects for their business development. 

Outsourcing company in Ukraine or Freelancer

The business owners may face difficulty in choosing between the development company or freelancer. Both of these strategies have merits and demerits. However, let us consider the major differences in dealing with the development company and the freelancer:

  • Applying to the IT outsourcing organization, you will receive a wide range of services, including development, support, maintenance of the website, testing, UI/UX design, business analysis, project management, etc. In contrast, one freelancer can’t get all the necessary skills to launch the first-rate product on his own. Thus, the result may not satisfy your expectations, or you will need to search for more specialists to receive a proper digital solution.
  • The vendor’s team of senior-level experts specifically focuses on your product development. On the contrary, the freelancer can have a couple of projects on the side that can affect the outcoming results and the pre-negotiated terms. 
  • The vendor takes care of its reputation on the market, thus, scrupulously handpicks its employees, paying attention to their level of qualification. If something happens, the specialists who are working on your website, software, or mobile application guaranteed to fix the issues. On the other hand, it is up to the freelancer’s character to fine-tune his work or not.
  • Unlike the freelancer, an outsourcing company provides another specialist to keep conducting the ongoing services at your organization in case of vacation, illness, or dismissal of a dedicated engineer.
  • The outsourcer company always strives to minimize the labor costs of a specialist for the planned tasks of yours, thereby increasing the productivity of its own engineer. For this purpose, the vendor uses monitoring systems, which allow proactively to respond to problems and automated backup systems with notification of successful or unsuccessful execution.

Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned information, if you have the situation to choose between the cooperation with the Ukrainian IT-company or the freelancer, then the correct decision will be about the first option. The outsourcing development vendor is reasonably the most effective, professional, and economical tool for your business.

How does it work with FreySoft?

FreySoft based in Ukraine works in the international outsourcing and outstaffing industry for more than a decade. Over this period, we have developed profitable strategies, provided longtime effective solutions, and established the processes that allow us to be competitive on the market and create successful products for our clients.

We value long-term partnerships with our clients and highly take care of our reputation. Thus, you get a proven high-quality digital solution that will bring value to your business.

Check out our services and flexible models of cooperation on our site to find the one best suited to your needs. Or get in touch with us via request or e-mail We will answer any of your questions and provide a sustainable free consultation. 

FAQ: Outsource web development in Ukraine

Why is Ukraine outsourced?

When outsourcing in Ukraine, international company owners are mostly looking for a way to reduce costs and increase profits. Besides the quality of outsourcing services in Ukraine are considered to be and actually are on the high-standard level and within security compliance. 

First of all, the most demanded in outsourcing is the Ukrainian IT market. It is the most developed area in comparison with other segments. According to various estimations, there are up to 5,000 IT companies in Ukraine. Then outsourcing concerns accounting, lawyers, copywriting and completing the call center chain. 

Why entrust your next project to the Ukrainian IT outsourcing company?

When turning to the Ukrainian IT outsourcing company, you get the range of benefits for the development of your project. Consider the major ones below: 

– a big pool of talents. Here you find the developers of varying expertise including software, web, app development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, CloudOps, UI/UX design, etc;
– experience in performing complex tasks. Already Ukrainian IT teams have the reputation of stable, responsible and able to take big-scaled projects for the implementation; 
– good English. Due to high level of education and specifics of engineering work, the developers in Ukraine have the high level of oral and written English;
– the ability to communicate clearly. Ukrainians are open and responsive nationality, and it’s easy for them to ensure the good cooperation with others.  

Is Ukraine good for software engineers?

Ukraine software engineers market already occupies its own niche in the world. First, each relatively large IT company in Ukraine has its own training courses for programmers. This is how they provide themselves with a qualified workforce. Secondly, there are technical universities in every major city, and more and more young people are choosing technical majors. Thirdly, there are a number of success stories where Ukrainian developers showed themselves as the trusted professionals. Among such projects are Grammarly, GitLab which have increases Ukraine’s software developers’ recognition.

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