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Delivery team as a subscription service

Remove management hustle. Get all your project
issues done for one fixed monthly fee

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Work with people you trust

Our subscription service gives you full control over the development process. You will work with the same contact person and rely on the most experienced developers as long as you will need it!

Why and when you need a subscription

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If you stuck with hiring, onboarding, and project management issues

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When the backlog is constantly up and your team can't manage it on time

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If you need new feature but don’t have development experts

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When you want to develop your project without extra stress and costs

Get all your dev tasks done with our subscription solution!

What we deliver

Development team

We offer you Project Manager, a balanced development team, UI/UX designer, and QA engineer to cover full-cycle development process


Discovery phase

We are ready to dive deep into your business, conduct thoughtful analysis of your your needs, and offer the best technical solution


24/7 access to a project’s progress

You get overarching control over software development process via tasks tracking and 100% transparent communication.


Risk management

We ensure smooth running of your project analyzing and informing you about potential technical or business risks


All-in-one services

We cover all project issues according to custom business needs from development to quality assurance, support, and maintenance.


Well-stablished SDLC

We handle your requests through proper actions plan and iterative approach according to your business priorities.



We offer you Project Manager, a balanced development team, UI/UX designer, and QA engineer to cover full-cycle development process


Regular reports

Assess productivity of our team at any time you want through our daily, weekly, and monthly reports


Documentation support & knowledge sharing

We ensure safety development process — you own all documentation and knowledge on the project.


Hire whole delivery team at the average dev’s price

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Why choose our Subscription for business


Unlimited development tasks

Get the sky as the limit - we will assist you on every step.


Flexible approach

Choose the type and length of subscription that works best for you


Only high-level specialists

We offer 10x developers for your needs.


Time saver

No need to train in-house specialists or wait for new hires.


Any project size is acceptable

Build projects ranging from minor UI improvements to large-scale platforms.


Transparent project management

Get predictable results through effortless management with our PM.


Smooth regular communication

Stay in touch and track dev results via Slack, Jira, Trello, Asana, Zapier, etc.

We will advise you on any issue

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What makes us different

Start a new business journey on the road of software development outsourcing with ease. Subscription makes it easier to have a smooth workflow and predictable results in the end. Trust the true experts and stay ahead!


experience in IT industry

We have hands-on experience in various domains and offer scalable tech stack


customer focus

We offer a clear delivery plan and use proven tools to track progress and support communication



We have ready-made teams that can join you on short notice


lower development costs

That’s an average result our clients get from Subscription Plan

Plans & Pricing

Choose an optimal subscription plan and get access to the right specialists for getting better software solutions in time.



40 hours / per month

€1400 / per month

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Dedicated Developer
  • QA technician
  • Project Manager
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80 hours / per month

€2800 / per month

  • Dedicated UI/UX Designer
  • Dedicated Developer
  • QA technician
  • Project Manager



160 hours / per month

€5600 / per month

  • Dedicated UI/UX Designer
  • Dedicated Developer
  • Dedicated QA technician
  • Dedicated Project Manager

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Customer goes first

As a mid-sized company, we are confident that client always comes first. Our main rule is to help our clients achieve their business objectives as each of them is vital for us. Customer focus is a true strength that enables us to implement ground-breaking projects of any complexity for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.







How we will achieve your goals step by step

We value your time and money, respect your confidential information, and we are committed to the quality of your product. That’s why we developed a proven methodology that guarantees an optimized workflow and exceptional results. Below are the main steps in our outsourcing consultation process:

Step 01

Establish a NDA

Duration: 1 business day

If needed, we won’t ask for any details about your project until we have an NDA in place. This way, you get a 100% guarantee that every process is properly secured and handled.

Step 02

Identifying business goals

Duration: 2-10 business days

First and foremost, we listen to our clients. Following a thorough business analysis and brainstorming, we present relevant options for a proper front-end solution, work structure, and relevant project management approaches.

Step 03

Select a suitable engagement model

Duration: 1-5 business days

Based on the previous stage, we choose the method of implementation and make project proposal budget. We determine the most effective communication channel, as well as the report’s depth, frequency, and intensity. We also agree on the frequency of releases and choose the start date of the project.

Step 04

Front-end development

Duration: until the product is delivered in accordance with the agreed-upon timeline

We establish a working infrastructure and start development of the project. We always work in accordance with the plan. We monitor work progress by producing reports and delivering demos on time. Finally, we upload the work results to the client's server.

We will advise you on any issue

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We provide worldwide custom software development


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