Web Development Team Structure: Roles and Processes in 2021

The success of any project directly depends on the team managing it. Needless to say, people rule the process and so the result! Thus, in the post, we’ll go through the roles of specialists, who are actively and directly involved in the creation and promotion of your project. You’ll get to know in detail about Website Development Team Structure to ensure your product success.

To begin with, website development team structure can significantly vary depending on the type of project. Creating MVP from scratch, you need one team; improving the existing UX/UI, you have other responsible experts; for product integration  – a third, and so on. 

That is why today we’ll cover the most common case of the website development project to show you the team roles that are in demand on almost any project, their responsibilities, as well as the development process itself. 


  1. Website Development Team Structure
  2. QA engineer
    • Project manager
    • UI/UX designer
  3. Digital Marketing Team Structure: Roles and responsibilities
    • Marketing strategist
    • SEO
    • Content writer
  4. Bottom Line
  5. FAQ: Which is the best Web Development Team Structure in 2021?

Website Development Team Structure

At FreySoft, we work with projects from various industries, such as Fintech outsourcing, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, etc. Each domain requires a different approach, and therefore in each case we take specific skills in a team for achieving tasks and goals. 

We’ll share with you the template of the generally accepted website development team structure (see infographic below), which is the basis for creating a quality project. Here, two cooperating parts (engineering and marketing teams) include key professionals required for the development process. We also remember that as the site grows in scale, these activities become more detailed and complex, which means that more experts (with specialized skills) need to be involved to handle it.

Website Development Team Structure
Image source: FreySoft


Without web developers, of course, we’ll go nowhere. These are the key people in any website development team structure. The ones who are directly involved in the creation of a product. The coders’ roles and responsibilities usually divide into two parts: front-end and back-end development. 

1. The frontend developer

The frontend programmer deals with the implementation of the visual part of the elements of a website, providing users with the ability to interact with them through a browser. Thus, we can summarize the key tasks of the frontend developer as the following:

  • describing a ready-made design layout of the site with code and its further implementation;
  • developing and optimizing visual components of the website pages;
  • making elements interactive so that buttons, inputs, and other components react logically to user actions and lead to the desired conversions; 
  • embedding internal links, adding graphic elements, customizing the navigation, filling the site with content;
  • writing an API for integration with a backend or CMS system. That is, it does not just create the client-side, but also connects all user actions with the business logic of the web product;
  • creating unit tests to check each feature functionality. 

2. The back-end developer

A back-end developer is responsible for the internal and computational logic of a website. Its role comprises work with the server, API and database. Further, these components provide the delivery of data or services requested by the interface system or software. Thus, the key functions of the back-end developer include:

  • work with databases and their organization;
  • ensuring the correct operation of all functions of the site and its computational logic;
  • development of code architecture and algorithms for website;
  • integration of the site with external services;
  • API creation;
  • debugging and testing specific elements and components of the site;
  • optimization and code extension.

3. The full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is a versatile programmer who understands both the back-end and the front-end components. Of course, it is difficult for a full-stack developer to master all technologies as deeply as narrow specialists. However, there are many projects that require generalists with a good knowledge of both back-end and front-end. 

The major functions of a full-stack developer include:

  • working with backend codes, databases, file systems, cloud storage, and network resources;
  • planning, managing, and implementing a project in a specific programming language;
  • generating client-side codes;
  • creation of visual design;
  • testing the finished website and debugging bugs;
  • quality control of a site; 
  • technical support for all specialists working on the web service.
Website Development team structure: developers roles and responsibilities
Image source: FreySoft

QA Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) engineer is a specialist whose activities are aimed at improving the software development process, preventing defects, and identifying product errors. He is the one who verifies that the software product properly performs all documented functions and meets the required goals of the customer. Note, to ensure the high quality of the system, QA engineer should be involved at all stages of development.

Website development team structure: QA engineer
Image source: FreySoft

In short, the role of QA engineer comprises the next duties:

  • clarification of the product requirements with the customer or business analysts;
  • writing test scripts and analysis of the results;
  • identification of problem areas (risk assessment), their introduction into the tracking system;
  • planning and managing the improvement lifecycles of the product quality;
  • discussion of fixes with developers;
  • maintaining test documentation.

Project Manager

To sharpen the process of working on a project within the allocated budget, timeframes, and with the agreed quality is what the project manager is responsible for. He knows what is effective strategy, win-win communication, management, and process organization. That is to say, in the website development team structure his tasks are located at the intersection of business, technology, and user experience. In particular, project manager:

  • defines the requirements for the product and the roadmap along which the team is moving;
  • manages goals and release through feature prioritization;
  • sets the pace and schedule of work, product backlog, ROI;
  • conducts effective brainstorming sessions;
  • controls over budget spending;
  • maintains project documentation (technical specifications, contracts, acts, invoices, reports).
  • acts as a link between the engineering team and stakeholders;
  • participates in expanding the team, hiring.
Website development team structure: Project manager
Image source: FreySoft

UI/UX Designer

UI stands for “User Interface” and UX means “User Experience”. The position of a UX / UI designer takes responsibility for matching the appearance and logic of the website. Although UX and UI are two different design disciplines, most often tasks in both areas are closely related, and therefore they are performed by one universal specialist. 

Accordingly, the UI/UX role comprises the next functions:

  • gathering and analyzing information about the project and its audience;
  • designing custom scripts;
  • creation of layouts and prototypes;
  • style development, drawing up instructions for fonts, colors, and sizes;
  • drawing the interface in graphic editors, based on UX research;
  • designing the user’s roadmap (how the visitor interacts with the website on each step);
  • providing the scale of the project (expanding categories, introducing new blocks and functionality).
Website development team structure: UX designer
Image source: FreySoft

Digital Marketing Team Structure: Roles and Responsibilities

The site is a serious marketing business tool that allows you to withstand the competition, increase sales and brand awareness. And unfortunately, the most common mistake in creating the website is to postpone product marketing processes till the release. The cost of software bugs is huge, but this is a big problem too! Read on to get informed why. 

A marketing team is a kind of tool that allows you to collect all the information about competitors, their pains and strength, as well as what the own final website needs to be in order to “win online”. Marketing strategist, SEO, copywriter, etc. during the development process set and implement a chain of strategic actions to make the future product workable for the target audience and bring the business value. Not to mention, with their help, the website obtains the necessary functionality to carry out the conversion, enters the TOP of search engines, and saves operational costs. 

Also, find more about the software development rates by region in our recent article – you can reduce costs by 40%-70% and open access to new talents abroad. 

Now let’s briefly explore the key roles in the digital marketing team structure.

Marketing Strategist

With the right strategy, you will be guaranteed to create not just a functional website, but one that brings real value to your business and motivates your customers to use it. Ensuring this task is what the marketing strategist’s role is about. To dive deeper, the expert in this niche is responsible for:

  • identification of the current situation on the market, business audience, needs, and pains; 
  • developing schematic diagrams of problem-solving;
  • setting metrics to achieve as a result of implementing the website and its internet marketing strategy; 
  • determination of marketing tactics and tools for achieving goals;
  • identifying the necessary resources (including the budget), timing, and responsible team members;
  • generation of new ideas and ways of development;
  • analysis of marketing activities.
Website development team structure Marketing strategist
Image source: FreySoft


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at website development is a strategic step. Carefully designed SEO allows businesses to prevent errors that negatively affect further promotion and take into account search demand. This will help to increase the reach of the audience at the start of the resource’s work, which means to get the desired payback and profit in a shorter time frame.

At the web development team structure, the SEO specialist role includes:

  • exploring competitive resources and search traffic in a niche;
  • formation of the website semantic core (collection and clustering of search queries and word forms);
  • designing the logical structure of the site, based on the collected semantics; 
  • drawing up a content plan for filling the site; 
  • installation and configuration of web analytics systems;
  • ensuring the right indexing, avoiding duplicate content, broken links, and incorrect redirects;
  • conducting a comprehensive audit and testing of the resource. 
Website development team structure SEO
Image source: FreySoft

Content Writer

Each site requires filling with content, constantly maintaining relevance, improving and updating. Only competent work in this direction will ensure attendance and interest among users. Closer to the point, this task is carried out by the content writer, whose major functions in the web development team structure are:

  • implementation of the company’s communication strategy on the site;
  • identifying the key purposes of content (type of the text, tone of voice, filing form, etc.);
  • editing, selection of illustrations, expansion, and maintaining news feeds;
  • preparation of data for the creation of multimedia materials (photo tapes, infographics, videos) on the site;
  • preliminary check of content for compliance with the established requirements;
  • work in close collaboration with SEO and UI designer to improve the quality indicators of the site.
Website development team structure:  Content writer
Image source: FreySoft

Bottom Line 

If you want to organize a team for business in Ukraine, you should know that this is a simple and complex process at the same time. There are many qualified specialists in Ukraine, but it is always difficult to form a successful team.

Now you have a more clear vision of an effective web development team structure – whether it is the creation of a landing page, a corporate website, or online store, etc. The above-mentioned members of the team are the very specialists whose participation, on the one hand, is absolutely necessary, and on the other hand, is quite enough to create a modern, visually attractive, and ready-to-promote website.

One step closer to webs development is applying to an outsourcing software company with relevant experience and talents. FreySoft is a full-cycle organization, which means that we have all the necessary people for web development, including coders, QA engineers, project managers, UI / UX designers, etc. Moreover, our expertise is not limited to this very service. We have team scaling on other disciplines such as:

Would you like to know our team and get help validating an idea for your project? Write to us

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FAQ: Which is the best Web Development Team Structure in 2021?

Who are the members of the development team?

The structure of the development team varies based on the project itself (scope of work, type of software, budget, engagement model, etc.). Still, the basic members of the development team are developers (coders), QA engineer, business analyst, project manager, and UI/UX designer. Preferably, to maximally achieve business goals and requirements, the team includes digital marketing specialists into the work, in particular, SEO, content writer, and marketing strategist.

How do you create a web development team?

Creating a strong web development team will take some time in case you decide to hire in-house specialists or search among freelance platforms. That is why, the best effective way to find the right team members, and overcoming any obstacles the team encounters during the project, you can turn to experienced IT companies. By hiring an outsourcing team, you can gain more flexibility to better cope with changes in project scope or direction.

What does a web development team do?

The web development team consists of several skilled members with their own expertise. Typically, such a team consists of development, design, management, marketing, and testing departments. Due to their collaboration, they provide a wide range of services, needed for the implementation of a high-quality product – a website. 

How do you structure a development team?

– Choosing a model of software development (waterfall, agile, etc.). Read more about 8 popular methodologies in our trend article
– Defining the roles and composition of the team.
– Carrying out Customer Development – collect requirements from clients.
– Writing technical assignments to each member of the team.
– Providing the team with technical tools (if needed), in particular, a repository for the project codebase; general tools for organizing the development process, for example, a task tracker (Jira, Trello and others); work environment, etc.
– Building a project schedule for the entire team to work on, defining what is the consequence of tasks and their deadlines. Advice: break big tasks into small ones and make sure that the workflow is logical.
– Controlling, monitoring the development process. 
– Testing and refining the product.

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