By Maria Pashchyna
Jun 11
CloudCustom Software DevelopmentIT Staff AugmentationSecurity
Modernize your IT systems without breaking them
Today, the dynamism with which modern business is developing puts forward stringent requirements for the IT infrastructure operating at companies. Modernization of IT systems helps to solve the problem. The...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Jun 9
Artificial intelligenceMachine LearningSoftware Development
How can a voice bot help your business?
Today a number of routine processes that were previously performed by call center operators can be taken over by voice bots. However, tasks that chatterbots perform are not only limited...
9 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Jun 2
Artificial intelligenceTechnology
Artificial Intelligence as a Cybersecurity Tool for Small and Medium Businesses
Cybersecurity is a matter of increased concern for most business owners since there is not much that a traditional firewall can do to prevent today’s outside threats. The only way...
9 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
May 28
IT Staff AugmentationSoftware Development
Manage your New Product Development effectively: the stages of the process and tips for avoiding risks
When you need to create your own IT product, automate a business, or launch a new startup, you are often faced with a set of questions. In particular, how to...
11 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
May 27
Machine LearningTechnology
Machine Learning & Rule-Based Systems in Fraud Detection
The approach of Machine Learning (ML) to fraud detection has gained widespread publicity in recent years. It has shifted the business’s interest from Rule-Based systems to ML-based solutions. Why is...
2 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
May 21
Cloud Migration: Five-Steps Approach to Your Successful Process
Modernizing technologies and abandoning outdated systems is an inevitable part of a modern company. Previously, business updating required significant rebuilding of the IT infrastructure, spending money on hardware, hiring additional...
11 min read