By Maria Pashchyna
Feb 25
Custom Software DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentTeam management
Interview with FreySoft Team Lead
Timur Babyuk is a pragmatic software developer and team lead with over 15 years of professional experience. Most of his background is related to backend engineering, web frontend development, data...
6 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Feb 10
Custom Software DevelopmentFintechSoftware DevelopmentTeam management
The inside story of establishing and scaling FreySoft
The founder and CEO of FreySoft Oleg Panchenko shared the organization’s insights, spoke about the scaling of the company, the internal recruitment processes, and the upcoming plans. Oleg, how did...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Feb 2
IT Staff AugmentationSoftware DevelopmentTeam management
Interview with FreySoft Senior Front-end Developer
The senior front-end developer of the IT outstaffing company FreySoft Anton Zhitchenko spoke about: his way in the development – the first steps in the career and 4-plus year experience...
8 min read
By Oleg Panchenko
Jan 24
Custom Software DevelopmentFintechIT Staff AugmentationTechnology
How Can Fintech Companies Enhance Customer Experience?
Only for several years, the Financial Technology industry has turned from a small innovative direction into a global multi-billion dollar market. The growth of Fintech has become one of the...
8 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Jan 22
IT Staff AugmentationTeam management
How To Relocate IT Business To Ukraine?
What should you know about the current benefits of running a development company in Ukraine? And what details do you need to pay attention to so that the relocation of...
11 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Jan 15
Artificial intelligenceTechnology
How Chatbots Can Improve Customer Experience?
The quality of customer service should always be the focus of any business. Many companies working in various industry-specific sectors have already applied and know how AI-based chatbots can change...
7 min read