By Maria Pashchyna
Apr 7
Interview with FreySoft Cloud Operations engineer
Denys Lapenkov has been working in the IT niche for 8 years. Currently, he operates with Cloud providers AWS and Azure, is responsible for monitoring the application and infrastructure as...
5 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Apr 2
Artificial intelligenceFintechMachine LearningSecurityTechnology
How Can Machine Learning Help in Fraud Detection?
Today business is faced with a growing sophisticated enemy who attacks, responds, and changes tactics very quickly. With machine learning (ML), companies can detect, prevent and keep staying ahead of...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 30
Interview with two FreySoft DevOps engineers
About the role of DevOps expert Describe your experience in the information technology industry. DevOps 1: I’ve been involved in the Development Operations (DevOps) industry for the last two years....
6 min read
By Oleg Panchenko
Mar 25
Software DevelopmentTeam management
Create efficient recruitment and onboarding processes. Inside the FreySoft.
The stabilized recruitment process within a clear onboarding is a great tool to get everyone on one page and grow your organization. With this in mind, we have compiled the...
8 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 23
Custom Software DevelopmentFintechTechnology
The Synergy of Bank and Fintech is a Win-Win
Business, banking, and financial organizations in the USA and Europe are very closely related to Fintech. This is no longer just a connection, but a symbiosis of technology, finance, and...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 16
Custom Software DevelopmentTechnology
Trends of developing a mobile application for startups in 2021
Are you searching for a startup idea for a mobile application? Or would you like to run the business that will take off in current 2021? In the post, we’ve...
7 min read