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Custom healthcare
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Professional assistance in digitizing
of your medical organization

We offer healthcare software development services that deliver custom software products according to your business needs. We assist medical organizations in automating of their procedures and improving quality of patient care. We operate with the best practices and innovative technologies to digitize your healthcare-related company.

Our Services for
Healthcare Industry

  • Custom Software Development

  • Legacy Software Modernization

  • Medical software third-party integrations

  • Healthcare software consulting

  • Cloud Transformation

  • Support & Maintenance

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Our tech stack

To provide our clients with best-quality one-stop technical solutions, we use cutting-edge technologies and tools:

Hitachi Pentaho
Hitachi Pentaho

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Based on your business niche, our developers team delivers user-facing functionality and seamless UI. We operate as genuine partner in next domains:

Our engagement models


Managed Delivery

Get the job done with our self-managed team. We take request from your company and transform it into operational solutions freeing you up for strategic initiatives.


Staff Augmentaion

Empower your core team with professional front-end developers who are qualified to increase the speed, performance, and effectiveness of your project.


Dedicated Team

Get a pool of experts that are committed to you and your vision. Ultimately, we sync up with your business culture, requirements, and give you full control over the project.

Our main strength

As a mid-sized company, we are confident that client always comes first. Our main rule is to help our clients achieve their business objectives as each of them is vital for us. Customer focus is a true strength that enables us to implement ground-breaking projects of any complexity for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.







How we will achieve your goals step by step

We value your time and money, respect your confidential information, and we are committed to the quality of your product. That’s why we developed a proven methodology that guarantees an optimized workflow and exceptional results. Below are the main steps in our outsourcing consultation process:

Step 01

Establish a NDA

Duration: 1 business day

If needed, we won’t ask for any details about your project until we have an NDA in place. This way, you get a 100% guarantee that every process is properly secured and handled.

Step 02

Identifying business goals

Duration: 2-10 business days

First and foremost, we listen to our clients. Following a thorough business analysis and brainstorming, we present relevant options for a proper front-end solution, work structure, and relevant project management approaches.

Step 03

Select a suitable engagement model

Duration: 1-5 business days

Based on the previous stage, we choose the method of implementation and make project proposal budget. We determine the most effective communication channel, as well as the report’s depth, frequency, and intensity. We also agree on the frequency of releases and choose the start date of the project.

Step 04

Front-end development

Duration: until the product is delivered in accordance with the agreed-upon timeline

We establish a working infrastructure and start development of the project. We always work in accordance with the plan. We monitor work progress by producing reports and delivering demos on time. Finally, we upload the work results to the client's server.

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