By Maria Pashchyna
Jan 11
Omnichannel Solutions For Banks And Their Clients
Complex technological solutions are becoming part of our everyday life. There is an active process of blurring the boundaries between our actions on the Internet and in actual life. Therefore,...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Jan 8
IT Staff AugmentationTeam management
Is it a Good Solution to Outsource Web Development in Ukraine?
The major purpose of delegating web development to overseas countries is to enhance the technological capabilities of the company at a lower cost. However, that’s not the primary value why...
9 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Dec 29
FintechIT Staff AugmentationTeam management
Why Should Fintech Businesses Outsource Their Tech Needs?
Fintech is a highly rewarding leading-edge business niche that gives companies the opportunity to leverage new technologies and solutions to provide financial services with lower fees. However, most Fintech startups...
9 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Dec 23
Steps To Develop Successful Mobile Application
The question most frequently asked by our clients is: “What does the process of mobile application development actually include?”. Customers want to know how the work is structured, where to...
10 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Dec 16
Custom Software DevelopmentIT Staff AugmentationTeam management
How to Choose the Best-Matching Software Development Vendor for Your Project?
IT is a non-core asset for the overwhelming majority of companies. That is to say, the opportunity to transfer it to a professional external partner for outsourcing and free up...
10 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Dec 10
Custom Software DevelopmentIT Staff AugmentationTechnology
Custom Software Development Matters In Business Success
Recognizing the difference between ready-made and custom software is the crucial step towards choosing the very option best fits your needs. To dive deeper, you will get acquainted with the...
6 min read