By Oleg Panchenko
Mar 25
Software DevelopmentTeam management
Create efficient recruitment and onboarding processes. Inside the FreySoft.
The stabilized recruitment process within a clear onboarding is a great tool to get everyone on one page and grow your organization. With this in mind, we have compiled the...
8 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 23
Custom Software DevelopmentFintechTechnology
The Synergy of Bank and Fintech is a Win-Win
Business, banking, and financial organizations in the USA and Europe are very closely related to Fintech. This is no longer just a connection, but a symbiosis of technology, finance, and...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 16
Custom Software DevelopmentTechnology
Trends of developing a mobile application for startups in 2021
Are you searching for a startup idea for a mobile application? Or would you like to run the business that will take off in current 2021? In the post, we’ve...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 11
Custom Software DevelopmentSoftware Development
Infographics: Progressive Web App (PWA)
It’s being a while and tough decision for a particular business to prioritize the demand for a web or mob app development. Such battle is not more actual today. The...
2 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Mar 9
Artificial intelligenceCustom Software DevelopmentMachine LearningTechnology
Interview with FreySoft Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer
Roman Khabun has been working in the information technology industry for 11 years. The start was with the support of hardware-software systems. Later he worked as a developer of desktop...
7 min read
By Maria Pashchyna
Feb 25
Custom Software DevelopmentSoftware DevelopmentTeam management
Interview with FreySoft Team Lead
Timur Babyuk is a pragmatic software developer and team lead with over 15 years of professional experience. Most of his background is related to backend engineering, web frontend development, data...
6 min read