Multinational healthcare company

An IOS and Android application development, IoT based solution

2 months
Dedicated Team
Mobile App Development, Art and UI/UX
React Native
Android and iOS developers, UI/UX
Business Challenge

A large multinational healthcare IT company’s information team was facing challenges in keeping their variety of Wi-Fi based devices like speakers, routers, cameras etc., secure from the default passwords. This made them frequently upgrade their firmware, change passwords as per the info. sec. securities guidelines, which was more time-consuming, insecure and was not in pace with the increasing number of devices day by day.

Project Result

The app had a robust architecture to interface with heterogeneous device / vendor SDKs with an easy to use Mobile app User Experience for Android and IOS. The quick identification of unauthorized devices enables the admins to take quick precautionary actions or decisions.

Solution Provided

A Mobile app / IoT based solution was required to automatically scan all such devices and highlight the ones which are non-compliance and send notifications to the security admin to take necessary actions using their smartphones.

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