E-commerce Platform - Perfume Retailer

UI/UX design improvements for the existing website, focusing on user’s flow and experience

2-3 months
Figma, Sketch, Abstract, Prototyping, Wireframing
Two Middle UI/UX Designers
Project Summary

With the expansion of services, the largest independent UK perfume retailer required significant UX / UI improvements and new interaction design. Freysoft provided outsourcing UI/UX services as well as started a process of enhancing design-development integration of client’s teams.

Business Challenge

Our client, a UK perfume retailer, has 200 offline stores and an online presence introduced with the main website ( The digital platform needed improvements. Also, because of the business growth, the company has faced typical design problems, in particular, there was a product (subscription, recommendation service, etc.) but there was no solution design.

How to fit it all into the current design system as well as how to make a modern and high-quality solution within a particular budget were the core pains that the company has faced. Thus, was looking for high-end UI/UX solutions to match new services with its design system.

Solution Provided

For the particular challenge, UI/UX outstaffing was chosen as a form of collaboration with TFS. FreySoft has solved the client’s pressing problems and continues to weave TFS into its design system. Technologies used in the project are Figma, Sketch, Abstract, Prototyping, Wireframing.

Our team applies an iterative process model that relies on repeated cycles of adjustments to refine a product. We design specific flows, implement them as schemes / warframes, present them to stakeholders, receive feedback, and the cycle repeats until the final solution is approved. Such a work approach allows the client to plan for changes as we create the valuable product, and helps to produce deliverables that are tailored to the client’s market.

Project Result

As a result of our cooperation client has received:

  • Detailed visualized user-flow analysis of subscription service
  • Enhanced user flow that introduces new services
  • Design of new services' promo materials
  • User flow and design for the recommendation service that can be used on the web and for in-store needs
  • Methods and metrics that measure effectiveness hypothesis of adding/introducing new services
  • Detailed analysis of listing pages, based on global benchmarks

Besides delivering outcomes for the assigned tasks, we’ve offered solutions in the field of scalability and process optimization. Our team has organized all design materials and more modern tools (such as the gradual transition from Sketch to Figma and using Figma Jam) which allow integrating design database with the development department for a seamless design-production process.

Every day, the FreySoft project team and the client have a catch-up meeting at 11:00. We discuss regular tasks, what we have done the previous day and what we are planning to solve the next day. The stakeholders’ meeting is held every few weeks to plan the next sprint goals and steps.

By such constant communication, UI/UX designers and the client effectively share professional development, resources, feedback, and results.

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