Modernize your IT systems without breaking them

Today, the dynamism with which modern business is developing puts forward stringent requirements for the IT infrastructure operating at companies. Modernization of IT systems helps to solve the problem.

The need to effectively support business development plans forces companies to reassess their IT infrastructure and take steps to improve it. The use of modern digital technologies is that very factor due to which organization maintains the competitiveness. 

Outdated IT systems do not allow an organization to quickly make changes to business processes, bring new products and services to the market. Thereby they significantly reduce the ability of a company to quickly respond to competitors and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

In addition, the cost of ownership of outdated IT systems is constantly increasing. Partly, it is due to the lack of qualified specialists who can support the development of such systems.

Dynamically developing organizations should not depend on the shortcomings of an outdated IT infrastructure. When re-evaluating their IT solutions and finding ways to introduce advanced digital technologies, such organizations may have a tough choice: rewrite outdated IT solutions, completely replace them with new ones, or modernize an existing IT system.

Three steps towards modernization of your IT systems

To ensure successful work of the chosen option in modernizing the IT system for the company, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures to achieve high results:

Determination of business priorities and their tasks

At this stage, it is needed to assess the status of the existing business concept and research models of competing companies. The obtained data will become the basis for determining the strategic objectives of your enterprise and its solutions in the future.

Analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and assessment of its effectiveness

A thorough analysis will establish the degree to which the IT infrastructure meets modern requirements, identify problem areas and determine a plan for upgrading the system.

Development of proposals, integration of decisions, and tuning the modernized complex

This stage is the most responsible and time-consuming. In the course of the work, the implementation of the decisions are made: the installation of new equipment and applications, as well as the configuration of the entire complex as a whole.

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Qualities of modernizing existing IT systems

Compared with the rewriting and full-scale replacement of obsolete solutions, the approach to modernizing IT systems without breaking them has its particular methods and qualities.

  1. Saving investments that were made in the development of the old system as all the unique business logic will stay.

    It is essential for companies to find integrating more modern platforms and software. In turn, that will still allow access to that legacy data and not damage the functionality. As one of the methods that can be taken is decentralizing access to legacy data.

  2. Saving the appearance of the interface.

    There is no need to spend time training employees to work in the new system.

  3. The simultaneous operation of the old and new IT systems is a significant reduction in risk.

    That is, transferring the work of employees to the new system can gradually be carried out. And in case of an unexpected failure – to switch to the old system.

  4. Automatic transformation of business logic.

    There is no need to waste time examining and preparing detailed specifications.

  5. Partly usage of legacy applications that can be still in value.

    For instance, leveraging information from operational cycles stored in older databases.

IT technical change management

Taking into account that technology evolves faster and IT teams get used to doing more processes quicker, the possibility of a mistake happening increases exponentially. Therefore, change management is essential. The formation of technical change management will allow:

  • reduce the risks associated with the impact of change;
  • more accurately predict costs and exercise cost control for the proposed changes;
  • increase the company’s adaptation to frequent technical changes;
  • reduce the negative impact of changes;
  • simplify access to the current system configuration.


Modern companies allocate funds to upgrade the IT system, but not every update is easy and cheap. This means that some legacy systems can still be used. Maintenance staff knows their weaknesses and quirks, so they quickly fix any problem that may arise as a result of a database or internal server failure. But companies ultimately need to bite the bullet and replace aging systems with something that improves their settings or at least reduces the overhead of server maintenance or cybersecurity.

Organizations need to remove the digitalization barriers posed by their outdated IT systems. Models with modernizing them are effective ways towards transformation. Viewing the last breaking news, due to modernized IT system companies all over the world gradually simplify their structures and processes. Moreover, it has a dominant influence on increasing the productivity of the organization and its IT environment. The approach of modernizing existing IT systems allows companies to upgrade the system gradually. Step by step, transferring functionality to the new platform is beneficial for both IT and business.

IT systems solution
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What services for modernization of IT systems does FreySoft offer? 

Consulting & IT strategy development

Our team analyzes staff complaints about the functioning of certain nodes, as well as the history of problem situations and failures in your information system. This allows us to gain a clear understanding of the operation of the infrastructure and provide recommendations on how to solve the identified problems. Further, we formulate the concept of subsequent development of IT infrastructure.

Transferring to modern technologies

When the system is written on outdated technologies, it is more difficult for the business to develop and maintain security. To solve the problem, we will draw up a plan and implement a gradual update of the existing software, taking into account the importance of maintaining operability during the upgrade. If necessary, services are transferred to the cloud. For more information, you can find in our previous article about Cloud Migration.

Improving the scalability of the system

Any growing business sooner or later is faced with the scalability of its information system. The need for scaling is associated with the increase in loads (the system must cope with constant growth in the number of users) or/and the extension in data volume (the system must cope with the steady accumulation of data). Thus, we offer developing new functionality and make it fit well with the existing system. If new functions were not initially envisaged, we will work out new business logic, architecture, and interface. 

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Renewing the interface and improving the usability

Based on the business niche, audience, and market research, we renew the existing interface, create a visual identification system (color, font, compositional techniques, typography, copyrights, illustrations, logo); guidelines, and templates. We will check the usability for your target audience and help make a product convenient for them. Our team develops innovative and user-friendly interfaces to achieve maximum accessibility, consistency, and usability.

It is worth noting that upgrading infrastructure must be carried out constantly with some frequency. With a competent approach, it allows you to avoid unplanned urgent purchases and chaotic development of the company. The modernization is carried out in accordance with a certain plan, for which budget funds are allocated in advance.

A digital partner to international finance and IT services companies, FreySoft provides end-to-end software development, QA and testing, data analytics, cybersecurity services. We enable businesses and software companies to define differentiation, accelerate solution development, and compete actively in today’s digital economy. No matter where you are on the road.

We understand that building customer-centric software requires a combination of technical excellence and clear communication. That is why our company hires only the very best skill sets to ensure you get both. 

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