Bespoke Software Development Matters In Business Success

Every business has a goal to turn a strategy into a result, and information technology solutions make this happen. If you have long-term business intentions and look to increase the value of your establishment, then bespoke development is your best decision towards it.

Recognizing the difference between ready-made and custom software is the crucial step towards choosing the very option best fits your needs. To dive deeper, you will get acquainted with the bespoke industry-specific approach in software development to determine whether your business calls for it


  1. Discover the difference: bespoke software development and mass-produced
  2. What do you get with bespoke software development?
  3. Developing bespoke software will give you the following priorities
  4. When do you need bespoke software?
  5. FreySoft helps in delivering bespoke software

Discover the difference: bespoke software development and mass-produced

Bespoke software solutions created from scratch for the needs of a particular business are always unique and specialized. They adapt to existing business processes and allow you to quickly implement new ones. In this case, there are no analogs! The custom software interface is specifically designed for employees and clients of the industry-particular company. The business uses all software functions and tools in full measure. In other words, there is nothing superfluous, only useful, and needed for the business.

The owner of custom-made software is the organization that leverages it. That means complete regulation over any changes and absolute independence from third parties. If necessary, you can always add an individual software solution in accordance with your changeable business requirements.

Let’s consider its alternative – a ready-made software. This type of product developed for the mass-market is ready for use from the start. It is not unique and doesn’t meet the distinctive needs of the organization. Therefore, it is not well suited to companies with industry-specific demands and custom-oriented goals.

To find universal ready-made software for solving highly specialized tasks of the particular business is almost impossible. Some entrepreneurs see a solution in the adaptation of the standard software to their business processes. However, this is not always advisable since adjusting and setting up programs requires significant time and material costs. From this angle, it is much easier and more economical to invest once in the development of an individual project.

What do you get with bespoke software development?

The development of software for individual needs is a fairly popular service in the framework of the modern reality. This is to say, business owners strive for maximum automation, efficiency, and rationalization of algorithms. Standard programs or those developed for a wide audience will not be able to fully meet the company’s specific needs, therefore, here we cannot talk about a quality result.

Standard ready-made software is simply not capable of performing narrowly focused tasks. Individual business needs unique solutions. In the context of growing competition and instability of the economy, it is very important that the program can quickly and efficiently perform the functions assigned to it while taking into account the specifics of the organization and infrastructure.

Developing bespoke software will give you the following priorities


With individual software, there is no need to worry about some functions stopping to work. The owner of the off-the-shelf product can terminate its functioning at any time and cause significant problems for the businesses that use it. However, with custom software, this is not such a case – its buyer is the only owner of the product, and no one will take it away.


Bespoke software suits the particular company and its demands. It easily adapts to the uncommon business processes, and not vice versa (as it mostly happens with the ready-made software). Your individual product will be convenient in design. Subsequently, employees can quickly get used to it. What is more, the company will save time and effort spent on learning to work with the new software.


You are the one who makes decisions when and what to change in your custom product. Dedicated software assumes control over adding, changing, removing features, and adapting to new business needs. This level of flexibility means that bespoke software is much more efficient in long-term use than the commercial one.


A well-developed software will have functionality determined by the specifics of the customer’s work activities – it allows you to adapt to your clients’ requests and wishes, to successfully implement unique trade and partnership offers. This will significantly increase the competitiveness of the business.

High labor productivity and performance of the company

The custom product is not only unique but also takes into account all the nuances of the production process at your firm. The software can be customized and integrated with existing software systems, streamlining business operations. By simplifying and automating the necessary processes, it significantly maximizes the inner workflow, positively influences the interaction of the employees performing different functions, and as a result, speeds up their productivity and the overall performance of the business.


With a tailor-made solution, you completely control which technologies and security tools to integrate into your software. This way, you can choose the ones that work best for your business and save on costs. Besides, bespoke software surpasses the mass-produced level of security. The hackers are most interested in breaking into standard ready-made programs since they can gain access to large amounts of data from different companies. On the other hand, cracking custom software will only provide access to one company’s data, which is not very beneficial for cybercriminals.

Convenience, speed, high labor productivity – this is the right course on the way to stable and high profits. You cannot achieve all of this without an individual approach to software development.

When do you need bespoke software?

The specialized software development is for you if:

  • Your company has particular requirements that are not met and fulfilled by mainstream software products.
  • You intend to expand your business or implement particular changes in it. Accordingly, the mass-produced software that you purchased for a specific area of your enterprise needs either updating or a complete replacement with the custom one. The second will meet all the new stated demands of your business.
  • There is a need to introduce a new and quite complex technology or functionality process into a particular area of activity of your company. In this case, a custom developed software will help automate and simplify this procedure as quickly as possible.
  • You need to secure the informational, financial database, or the general activity of the enterprise, and standard software can no longer cope with this task.
  • Your goal is to overtake your direct competitors in your specific industry. Due to the custom solution, automation and speeding up the processes would be the initial way towards it.

FreySoft helps in delivering bespoke software

You should not postpone the software development process or entrust all the work to your in-house employees, who are incompetent in programming. All you need is to choose a reliable and experienced provider. Its team will deliver the right domain-specific and fully functional software that will become an engine of your success.

FreySoft custom-tailored software solutions aim to meet all the needs of your industry and your specific business processes to achieve maximum efficiency. We’ve been working with companies representing various industries. We know how to make the best solution fitting your specific needs.

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