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The stabilized recruitment process within a clear onboarding is a great tool to get everyone on one page and grow your organization. With this in mind, we have compiled the tips for building efficient hiring and onboarding processes. Additionally, we will introduce the instruments that we at FreySoft have implemented in our processes for bringing value to both the employee and the company.


  1. Data-driven recruitment 
  2. Employee referrals
  3. The perfect match of the employee and company
  4. Automation of the onboarding processes
  5. Continuous feedback  

Data-driven recruitment

The use of data-driven metrics and HR technology such as candidate tracking systems and marketing hiring platforms is a highly-efficient recruitment trend in recent years. That can give you a great push forward and understanding of which parts of your recruitment strategy are performing well and which need to be improved. 

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Identifying the right talent, attracting candidates, and motivating them to apply is what FreySoft has strived for in the recruitment process. Currently, we leverage a Greenhouse with all the extras, in particular analytics. To mention, even 600+ companies don’t always have this miracle. Our HR specialists aim to speak with data-science experts in the same language. They set an analytical task, understand the limitations of analysis methods, and most importantly, interpret the results of the analysis.

To clarify, FreySoft recruiters leverage important, quality metrics to constantly improve the hiring process. Among the ones that can positively impact your recruiting, we can distinguish the next:

The newcomer experiences.

Companies can benefit from creating candidate surveys to find out what newcomers esteem and, on the other hand, dislike about the recruitment. As an additional metric, you can track their appreciation of collaboration with hiring managers. That is to say, this metric can positively influence your employer brand if to take it regularly into account. 

Newbie work duration. 

This metric shows the percentage of new hires who leave your company before their onboarding period is over (around three to six months). If you compare the turnover rates over time, you can pinpoint where the problem is and rebuild your screening or onboarding processes.

Rate of accepted proposals. 

This indicator measures the percentage of candidates who accepted a job offer. If this percentage is low, the company may need to reconsider its job offers to make them more competitive in the market. 

Recruiting teams can track many other metrics. Ultimately, what you choose to measure depends on your company’s unique goals and needs. 

Employee referrals for recruitment

According to employee referral statistics, 2020 by LinkedIn, candidates trust employees 4 times more than their employer in providing information about work for the company. In addition, 45% of employees sourced from employee referrals stay for longer than 4 years. And only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for over 2 years.

Referral programs have shown many more other advantages, in particular:

  • Having a positive effect on the employer’s brand
  • Reducing the time and cost of hiring
  • Improving the quality of recruiting IT personnel
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Better rate of candidate’s offer acceptance
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In FreySoft, we make the employees’ referrals an internal method of finding and attracting candidates for a job. For participation in the referral program, we provide excellent cash bonuses. The amount depends on the level of the recommended employee. And it is paid after the specialist successfully passes the probationary period.

For now, our referral program metrics have been over 23 recommendations (and that is with the current 49 team members). In other words, 48% of our colleagues are ready to recommend our company to their friends. As well, our experience shows that those employees who have accepted the values of the company and are the conductors of its corporate culture, give the most valuable and successful recommendations.

The perfect match of the employee and company

Today candidates and employees strive to be linked to a higher purpose. They look for an employer whose values align with their own. That is to say, it is no longer effective to post standard job offers without providing information on what it means to be part of a team at your company. 

That is why from the very start FreySoft strives to give candidates a real sense of our company’s culture. We help them see our values and mission by showcasing the employer’s brand all the way to the newcomer. 

On the first candidate’s interview with our HR manager, we are getting to know each other better. Hence, we’re determining if the requisite qualifications fill the position and the candidate aligning with an organization’s culture and values. 

That is, our IT-recruiters carefully check the match for soft skills of the candidate and company values from the very start. The candidate’s attention to detail, resistance to stress, responsibility, motivation, proactivity, and flexibility are the prior soft skills to us. Such an approach gives both sides further excellent results on the projects. Moreover, it satisfies the mutual expectations or even exceeds them.

The second (and the last) phase of the interview is a technical examination. It is a great opportunity for the candidate to know about the stack and get acquainted with the lead or the team he will be working with. The employee is welcomed to ask any questions he may have about the skills and technologies implemented in the project.

Thus, it’s crucial to consider not only the professional technical skills of the employee, but other factors and soft skills such as the ability to get out of difficult situations, sociability, openness. The perfect match between the employer and the company would be based on mutual values and views. In that case, the work and communication would further be beneficial for both sides. 

Automation of the onboarding processes

The key to successful adaptation in 2021 for new employees is standardization and automation. According to a Deloitte study, the introduction of automation systems helps companies save up to 22% on each employee.

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Accordingly, today companies more rely on point solutions such as:

  • content distribution – the employee gradually receives adaptation materials relevant to his role by mail. 
  • HR bots in messengers and online quests – the employee receives instructions on how to use the HR bot, and he himself goes through the main stages of onboarding, receiving recommendations and tasks from the bot.

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  • HRM-systems – the particular programs that help with the socialization of a new team member, convey the values of the corporate culture, familiarize with the main job responsibilities.

In a like manner, we at FreySoft use HR digital solutions, particularly PeopleForce. There are clear instructions on how to log in, steps to perform the tasks for the first week, etc. Also, to make the adaptation of newcomers effective, a mentor or so-called “buddy” is assigned to each new employee. The mentor helps a new colleague to perform professional tasks with high quality and get to know the team as well as corporate culture. Such an approach of onboarding automatization and collaboration with the buddy has proven to be operative. For both employee satisfaction and optimizing business results.

Continuous feedback

Feedback has become a great tool not only for development but also for inspiration, support, and building trusting relationships between the company and employees. More importantly, the process of goal setting, coaching, assessment, and feedback should be continuous.

At FreySoft, we highly care about employee engagement, motivation, and keeping regular contact. The team member can always appoint one-on-one, send feedback if he has questions, doubts, etc. 

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Further, we’ve created a personal development plan for our team members. It provides the roadmap with particular steps to the employee’s goals in the company, understanding the opportunities, roadblocks, and resources he needs. On a performance review, PDP helps evaluate progress and move to the next grade or deepen the expertise and get a salary review. That is to say, we strive to provide an opportunity for the team member to grow. Both horizontally – be pumped technically and vertically – grow into a lead and further.


We hope the above-mentioned recruiting and onboarding instruments we have talked about in the article will be sufficient help to your business. With this intention,  throughout the recruitment process, from screening to interviews, hiring, and finally when the candidate is employed by the company – make his experience an important top issue.

Candidates who have had a positive experience in the recruiting process are more likely to accept your job offer, re-apply for your vacancy in the future, and recommend other candidates to your company. On the other hand, a negative candidate experience can cost your company more!

We at FreySoft are constantly striving to improve our recruitment and onboarding processes. For this reason, we regularly implement up-to-date effective tools for making the candidate experience better. 

If you got interested to join our team, you are welcomed to apply for open vacancies. Or contact us via e-mail  

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