How Chatbots Can Improve Customer Experience?

The quality of customer service should always be the focus of any business. Many companies working in various industry-specific sectors have already applied and know how AI-based chatbots can change the way they serve their customers. This innovation is leveraged in assisting with personal online banking, travel bookings, managing insurance benefits, providing internal support, and even improving access to mental health, etc.

Let’s find out the ways chatbots can improve user experience in your business and discover the optimized UX chatbot features. Based on our expertise and vast experience in AI-based virtual systems, we will share our observations to help you make the right decision.


  1. Chatbots – innovation for your best UX
  2. UX Optimized Chatbot Features
  3. What business is a chatbot for?

Chatbots – innovation for your best UX

We distinguish five primary ways of leveraging AI-based chatbot for enhancing your client’s experience while interacting with your business:

Personal assistants

From the very beginning of interaction with your company, chatbots can become the customers’ best friends in their digital journey. The practical registration tactic is to use a virtual chat assistant to guide the user through the basic steps to set up their profile. Afterward, personal assistants also simplify the clients’ further tasks. Bot can send the client suggestions or advice on the topic he got interested in. 

Particularly, bots in messengers are built according to user requests. So this format can be much more convenient than using applications. The bot adjusts to the request: the client writes what he needs; the bot produces ready-made results. 

For example, Mastercard implemented its own chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Its virtual assistant makes banking much clearer and more helpful for their clients by telling them about spending their budget, showing transactions, etc. The bot acts as a kind of consultant right in the messenger.

24/7 support 

To have the operator 24/7 to solve inquiries and requests significantly inclines your customers to the company. That is the chatbot that can handle real-time support. It is always available to take the client’s problems whether it is the day or night.

According to the report of State of Chatbots, 55% of respondents would love instant responses when contacting online support, and quick chatbot answers to frequently asked questions, in particular the ones regarding services, orders, delivery, technical support, billing, and pricing information.

Many companies using chatbots have a level system for questions or problems. The lower the level, the more often the problem occurs. For example, you might consider first-level functionality and your chatbot can answer that question by providing an immediate response that will improve the customer experience and can increase your income.

A higher-level question might require a live person. However, your chatbot can tell the client that help is on the way, so the user is not less likely to get unsatisfied with the service. Perhaps such automated real-time presence is the major reason why bots are rapidly replacing other forms of customer support such as calling.

Smart recommendations

Using algorithm-based product recommendations to improve your user experience is widespread; you have definitely encountered this at least once without even realizing it. Let’s see the example of Amazon and its recommendation tab. On every product page, there is the “often buy with this” block. Amazon uses its algorithm to figure out what products the customer might like to buy more and offer them suggestions. It is not only enhancing the client’s engagement but also highly increases sales. 

Such a similar tactic works with the help of an AI-based chatbot. If someone is browsing your site, send a chatbot pop-up that automatically recommends an item based on the customer’s past purchases. If the client is a newbie, suggest potential products by analyzing the items they were looking for or what topics they are searching for on your blog.

Consumers love the idea of ​​personalization. When a business treats them by offering proper products that match their purchase history, it creates a close bond between your business and your client. 

Communication with clients on different platforms

Isn’t it vital to be with customers where they prefer spending most of their time? Chatbots make it possible! You can interact with your audience on the platforms they are likely to use, whether it’s a social network, messenger, or your own site.

Today social networks have become one of the most frequently used communication channels with customers. Chatbots fundamentally increase user engagement on social media platforms and allow you to provide your service through chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Wechat. 


To meet customer expectations, it is important to know his feedback. On average, 10% of users open traditional e-mail surveys and less than 5% completed them. Chatbots collect feedback in dialog boxes, which makes it easier for users to get back to them and increases engagement.

For example, to collect users’ data, IKEA has developed the ORC chatbot. The bot offers to answer fewer questions, which are shortly planned and supplemented with emoticons. Plus, the survey is in colloquial language, so that to keep it simple and more relaxing for the client. In the end, the chatbot invites the interlocutor to share his email address.

UX Optimized Chatbot Features

Based on our vast experience in AI technology, in particular virtual assistants, we have noted the major concepts for UX optimized chatbot:

The style of cooperation. Businesses should pay attention to the bot’s style of interaction with their customers. To provide choices is a good start to engage the client via bot: you can include both a carousel with multiple options for pre-defined links and buttons, as well as the opportunity to enter sentences when the client wants to explicitly tell the AI-based bot what he wants. In addition, the bot’s elements such as buttons and links should be precisely defined, so that users can easily click them.

Personalization. The contact begins with the client’s consent to the processing of personal data. Based on it, chatbots can quickly and effectively suggest appropriate solutions. Listening to the specific needs of the customer and helping with particular inquiries, the bot supports the vision of greater personalization. Thanks to this, you can enhance your UX and the number of cross-selling sales. 

Carousels. In the digital world, carousels are quite controversial. However, it is not the same with the chatbots – carousels provide superb proper support for your customer. With the help of a slider under the chat window, a user can skip through offered options and select what works best for him. 

Conversations. When there is an unexpected request or the bot is not programmed to the particular inquiry, then it can have serious consequences, sometimes forcing users to return to the previous steps. To avoid such situations, the bot should be optimized for more complex response chains or offer to contact a live person. 

What business is a chatbot for?

According to a Relay study, B2B companies (58%) are more likely to use chatbots than their B2C counterparts (42%). This gap is almost imperceptible and shows itself equally well in both areas.

In the B2C segment, chatbots are suitable for:

  • insurance company;
  • banks;
  • hotel and restaurant business;
  • educational platforms;
  • online shopping;
  • info business;
  • medical and cosmetic centers;
  • event agencies, etc.

In the B2B market, chatbots are used in the industries of information technology, retail, finance, real estate and development, marketing and content, data analytics.

Also, the virtual program can be successfully implemented in government organizations. For example, to simplify site navigation, help with filling out forms, and submitting documents.

Tell FreySoft what tasks you would like to use the chatbot for. We will help you to bring any ideas to life and select an individual solution, taking into account the needs of your business. Get closer to your customers, use modern channels to promote products and services, and leave your competitors far behind.

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