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Why is third-party integration important?

What should you consider with third-party integrations?

What are the advantages of third-party API integration?

Which tech stack do you work with?

How secure is it to work with FreySoft engineers?

Our superb perks

Young motivated team

Young motivatedteam

Over the last year, our team has grown from 10 to 80 employees, and we keep searching for the smartest minds to join us.

International clients


We conduct our business internationally, which allows us to diversify our markets and serve a variety of clients, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

Favorable working processes

Favorable workingprocesses

Starting from the interview, you will feel simple process (only 3 stages on recruitment, could get offer in a week), and after – bureaucracy-free environment inside the company.

Involved in versatile industries

Involved in versatileindustries

Get the chance to participate in the multidirectional projects - Fintech, e-commerce, automotive, hospitality, security, healthcare. You grow with us, opening to new experiences!

Working remotely or in the office

Working remotelyor in the office

We give our employees the opportunity to choose the way to work - remotely, in our office in the center of Kyiv, or combining both options.

Not all about work!

Not all aboutwork!

We regularly inspire our talented developers via corporate going-outs, active mini-activities, and outdoor events