Trends of developing a mobile application for startups in 2021

Are you searching for a startup idea for a mobile application? Or would you like to run the business that will take off in current 2021? In the post, we’ve gathered the present-day trends for developing mobile apps as well as the highlights for creating on-demand and intuitive digital projects.

Do not wait for your competitors to implement one of the next mobile application ideas. Be one step ahead, and we will help to bring any of your ideas to life!

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Augmented reality mobile applications

Today augmented reality (AR) apps can vary a lot. They range from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer shooters. Especially, augmented reality solutions are actively used by retail industry players. 

The 2021-year keeps pushing e-commerce businesses to first react to digital innovations and actively implement them. The competition in this area is quite high. There are over 2 million of them in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Still, this number is growing every day and the startups in this direction keep amazing us in the long term.

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Augmented reality in the business allows you to fast attract new clients and significantly enrich the existing customer service. The ideal option for a startup is to create an augmented reality e-commerce app that will help users try on a product virtually, from room decor, clothing, makeup, and jewelry. Or, for instance, to orient a customer in the actual retail store. In particular, the functions of indicating the desired shelf, drawing up a route, and even telling where the promotions are taking place are especially suitable for hypermarkets.

Mobile applications with AR technology are perfect for educational goals as well. In today’s realities, modern children and youth actively use their devices not only for entertaining but also for educational purposes. Keep in mind that the development does not aim to completely replace the surrounding reality. It only expands a person’s understanding of the phenomena and processes taking place around.

Fintech mobile applications

According to survey reports of Juniper Research, mobile-commerce (mCommerce) payments will rise to $3.1 trillion in 2025, from $2.1 trillion in 2020. Not a surprise! Fintech applications enable banking and financial institutions to effectively manage and offer on-demand services to their clients. They are convenient in use and performed in real-time. 

The growing competition with Fintech is making traditional financial institutions seek new points of contact with customers through third-party products and services. Here we talk not only about an online banking app. People these days rely on technology for everything, from investing to financial planning. Following such an approach, banks can make it possible to simultaneously serve millions of transactions. In addition, Fintech solutions reduce the cost of attracting customers and maintaining infrastructure.

Industry-specific companies are also introducing the latest innovations in their Fintech applications, including AI, ecosystems, paperless services. Embedded finance tools are getting wide use. They allow integrating payments, debit cards, loans, insurance, and even investment instruments into almost any non-financial product. 

The goal of Fintech mobile apps is to help users with financial matters as easily as possible. Once your business aligns your trajectory with the goals of the customers, it will be easier for you to move forward. And you will not face any problems while developing a Fintech solution.

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In other words, Fintech mobile application is definitely one of the hottest ideas in 2021 to help you grow the business and make money. All you need is to hire a reliable application development company that can use the best up-to-date technologies for an application development solution. 

Virtual traveling apps

In 2021, many people who are hungry for traveling, adrenaline, and thrills in the COVID-19 and post-pandemic times, are searching for new tour opportunities. Most of us are about to get bright emotions as well as keep in touch with our favorite destinations. In these circumstances, the virtual reality app can become one of the best innovative ideas for startups and conquer the customers’ attention.

A study tour designed for solo travelers, a gastronomic trip that focuses on the specific preferences in nutrition and diet, an eco-tour, family- or couple-tours, even an age-based traveling can all be implemented by a startup for a variety of demographic groups. Using the capabilities of VR technology, you can successfully create a virtual tour mobile application with specific activities and directions ideal for the needs of your end-users.

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In the context of VR traveling apps, we should also emphasize the digital products of local guides to special points of interest in the city or area. Since most tourists have already visited national attractions many times, now it is crucial to find differentiating non-tourist places. In particular, the ones that only local residents are aware of. Such a mobile app can connect tourists with locals and guides who can show them the real gems of the area. As a result, with the VR app users can broaden their views and get closely in touch with the place, including certain restaurants or cafes with local exotic food, visit residents, eco-farms, etc. No frameworks for ideas in this direction!


By now the use of artificial intelligence is not just hype, but a full-fledged direction and bringing in returns technology. According to Statista, by 2025, the chatbot market is forecasted to increase by $1,2 billion

AI chatbots are most in-demand in banking, retail, healthcare, and the very industries where the issue of personalizing customer experience has come to the fore. Depending on the specific business, you can get a feel for where your startup idea of an AI-based chatbot can develop. What is more, the field for activity is not limited, since bots benefit both entrepreneurs and their customers.

Let’s say, chatbots are successfully implemented in education: they help students with finding information and completing assignments. They are also used in finance: you can find out the state of the account in a few seconds and track the latest transactions. In healthcare, chatbots make appointments, keep medical records, and some can help manage depression. 

That is why many companies keep changing their direction of development and planning to introduce chatbots into their ecosystems. Besides, when using chatbots, you don’t have to worry about complex user interface design. So why not create such a convenient assistant for your own startup and get the best from the automation? 

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Highlights for creating on-demand and intuitive mobile application in 2021

  • To know customer personal data is not enough. For a mobile application to be successful, you need to analyze the behavior and unique needs of each user. This is where hyper-personalization is needed. Artificial intelligence recognizes the actions and interests of the client and offers him relevant services.
  • If you have a limited startup budget, you should give up the development of one complex app. First, analyze the market, think about how you will promote the application, and test the hypothesis for MVP. We recommend developing several applications with simple functionality in order to highlight features that will be critical for your target audience.
  • A client is more likely to make a purchase if he does not have to search for a card number or access third-party mobile services. Therefore, card binding is a must-have for any application that sells its products or services.
  • Don’t forget about gamification. Today, it is not enough to develop the convenient-in-use application but to offer unique components. Entertain users with original options such as game animation mechanics, badges, pleasant-looking screensavers, icons, etc. As a result, you increase comfort and delight your client.
  • Attentively choose your trusted IT partner, be aware of the development process and tasks the engineering team is solving. After all, developers, product specialists, designers, and everyone who is involved in the development of applications are the people on whom the success of the entire digital side of the business depends.

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