IT Outstaffing Is A Bringing In Returns Engagement Model

Outstaffing is the latest buzzword these days. More and more value-conscious companies around the world are turning to countries like Ukraine to solve their IT business processes. So what outstaffing means and why I consider it as a bringing in returns engagement model for businesses.

In this article I observe the outstaffing engagement model, its benefits, actuality during today’s challenging times and the value proposition offered by FreySoft.


  1. What is the outstaffing?
  2. Core advantages of IT outstaffing
  3. When do companies need IT outstaffing?
  4. Remote collaboration is a new regular
  5. FreySoft is your reliable partner

What is the outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a form of indirect recruitment in which the IT company provides recruiting, retention, and ongoing talent supervision services for the client’s company. For this, the employer enters into an agreement with a third-party organization. The vendor provides both the needed specialists and completely takes over all the boring chores related to the office work, payments, and reporting. 

IT outstaffing team
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Based on my experience, I find the ​​outstaffing a great practice of finding more qualified specialists outside the company or those who live in another region. This engagement model provides many opportunities for involving appreciative and well-equipped experts into your project. Remote IT employees have specific duties to complete. They focus on working with full dedication to achieve excellent results for your industry-specific business. In addition, you are exposed to fresh approaches and cutting-edge solutions of completing tasks, which you can later apply in your next products to drive change and innovation.

Sounds good for what ails your business, right? Let’s try to figure it out in detail!

Core advantages of IT outstaffing

What has caused such an active growth in the popularity of IT outstaffing? And why is this service so highly valued by leading companies in various industries around the world?

Undoubtedly, its primary advantage is the optimization of the economic model of the enterprise, as well as the reduction of the operational and management resources. Outstaffing significantly minimizes the costs of your company for non-core business processes. The client is guaranteed to receive the services he needs and does not disrupt the schedule for launching new projects.

Next benefit I would distinguish is that such an engagement model can cover the growing talent shortages plaguing your business.

IT outstaffing is best suited for those companies that are looking for ways to quickly expand their existing tech team and meanwhile completely control their IT specialists and projects. 

Developers are full-time integrated into your environment and dedicated to your working processes. In this way, the team determines the best practices and constant process improvement during the project. Thus, it is especially profitable for the long-term needs of your company.

Choosing an outstaffing engagement model, you get an engineering team tailored to your specific requirements. The IT provider can either put out a self-managed development team, or you can hire the exact mid-level, junior and senior specialists to execute the tasks of your developers on the project. In addition, this team is very flexible and adaptable. You can scale it as needed and supplement the business process with new skills.

I used to work in tech companies offering various forms of cooperation. However, the very outstaffing one has proven to highly improve the efficiency of the client’s IT infrastructure. There is an opportunity to control and plan resources. Tere are no overestimated costs at the stage of launching new projects and implementing innovative solutions. This increases the productivity of not only the information department but the entire enterprise.

IT outstaffing engagement model
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When do companies need IT outstaffing?

Here I highlight a list of situations in which IT outstaffing can be useful for you (and the opportunities it provides):

  • If you need one programmer or a specific team to complete your project, you can quickly extend the staff of your IT department for the time you need to achieve your goals.
  • If you want to optimize the activities of your HR department, without spending time and resources on your own recruitment – IT outstaffing company has all proven IT specialists.
  • In case when you are looking to quickly replace an employee on another one, that is not inferior to the previous specialist in terms of qualifications and a set of competencies.
  • You want to relieve yourself of the responsibility for all the processes related to labor relations with your IT staff.
  • You have in mind to cheer up your existing team and add “new blood” to create a spirit of healthy competition.
  • If you need to temporarily close the position and continue development while the internal recruiting department is looking for a permanent replacement.
  • You are searching the ways to increase the investment attractiveness of your business. Outstaffing of programmers, reducing overall costs, increases the average values ​​of financial indicators per employee in the company (yes, it will even help attract investors).

Remote collaboration is a new regular

Companies all over the world are changing the way they work and grow. Remote models have introduced additional benefits both in short- and long-term perspectives. It’s time to prepare for this new regular. Think about using fewer office premises and commutes, optimal headcount, and cost savings.

Outstaffing IT teams turns to be a solution for multidirectional businesses in the digital world. This especially concerns today’s reality within the Corona crisis. Software outstaffing has become a more integral service of international business operations than ever before. 

IT outstaffing collaboration form
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So, why should you as a client/partner of an IT company pay an overcharge salary to the Western developers? You can get the same results for lesser costs applying to the Ukrainian IT specialists! The cost of hiring a programmer in Ukraine is lower. At the same time, our developers have solid experience and get a high level of skill sets.

I am sticking to the thought that business entrepreneurs should take into account the investment potential in the Ukrainian outstaffing model. It will have far-reaching implications for the way we work now and in the coming future.

FreySoft is your reliable partner

Remote engineering teams can help businesses build a stable IT structure and become stronger during the COVID-19 crisis and in the post-pandemic times. A trusted partner can help you gain a significant competitive advantage and keep up with the times.

At FreySoft, we do our best to find the most effective IT outstaffing solution to meet your business needs. We provide dedicated teams of experts with high technical skills and knowledge of the business process. Such an approach ensures the complete success of your IT transformation. Our managed services for software development projects are highly regarded both nearshore and offshore.

FreySoft Ukrainian growing team of talented and motivated specialists has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in specific technical areas. It includes web software, mobile apps, and custom application development. Our specialists are ready to implement ground-breaking projects of varying complexity. From small automation technological solutions for individual business processes to information systems that manage large enterprises.

We are open to suggestions and fresh ideas, embracing the challenges you present. Find out how we work and provide Agile software development teams on our site . Or you can get in touch with us via request or e-mail at 

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