Car manufacturing unit

Custom Web Development for providing a full-service solution.

3 months
Dedicated Team
Front-end, Back-end, Art and UI/UX
ReactJS, Node.JS
Back-End, Front-end, UI/UX
Business Challenge

The well known car manufacturing unit faced the issue with the robotic lines. Its client was using a normal desktop application to identify the problem faced by the line. This process of identification of the issue in one line by a line engineer at a car manufacturing unit was time-consuming and had adverse effects on the entire car production unit following that line.

Project Result

Since the problems were identified visually in a web portal, the line engineers can quickly resolve the issue reducing the loss of time in the productivity of the car manufacturing units.

Solution Provided

A web based application was developed. Now through a web application the issues faced by any line are identified and projected visually to the line engineers who then are able to identify the issue and quickly to resolve the problem.

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