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Java developer

We are looking for a Java Developer to join our friendly team!

Yulia Samarina

Yulia Samarina


About the project

You work with data security and financial crimes.In short, businesses need real-time financial crime insight to put them in control. Our customer's product is a unique real-time database that allows users to understand the risks of doing business with their partners.

The database actively identifies tens of thousands of risky events from millions of structured and unstructured data points every single day. You help the users to evaluate business risks.

Key responsibilities:

  • You will develop cloud native solutions to harden their platforms and cloud infrastructure at scale;
  • Development of the architecture and the solution itself for the backend part of the application;
  • Design and development of application interfaces/key technology and application platform microservices;
  • Implementing new features - we actively manage customer feedback and continually improve our products;
  • Optimization of application speed;   
  • Collaboration with the teams of developers, analysts, and other specialists involved.

This position requires:

  • 4+ years of development experience;
  • Experience with event-driven systems eg.Kafka;
  • Experience with technologies used by us: Kotlin, Java, JVM, Springboot, Yugabyte, exposed Java ORM;
  • Experience with Backend development in Kotlin/Java
  • Experience with Distributed Application Architecture 
  • Knowledge about DevOps tools eg.Docker, Kubernetes, Datadog etc...;
  • Experience in mentoring and leading a team of developers;
  • Experience with getting maximal performance in storing/retrieving many-to-many related data;
  • Experience with graph data stores or using graphQL;
  • Good Communication skills and teamwork skills (particularly co-ordinating cross-team)

We offer:

  • Flexibility not only in schedule but in tasks. You’ll be able to change a project or a stack within the product. We’ll not get you bored or burnout anyway!
  • Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills.Underestimation of your impact is not allowed in our company!
  • Real career growth both financial and professional.Our people is our biggest asset. A skillful and motivated developer can easily become a team lead, own features, or mentor Juniors if you want.
  • Close cooperation with the team of strong professionals working in the dynamic IT environment.

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