By Maria Pashchyna

Infographics: Progressive Web App (PWA)

It’s being a while and tough decision for a particular business to prioritize the demand for a web or mob app development. Such battle is not more actual today. The classic website can now interact with visitors like a mobile app, even without an Internet connection. Fiction? No, just a PWA!

What does PWA mean for business?

Responsiveness – One PWA works on different operating systems and user’s devices, regardless it is desktop, mobile, tablet, or any other.

Work offline – Your business will not lose conversion since the user can keep browsing even without an internet connection.

Increased productivity – Thanks to efficient caching, PWA runs much faster than regular mobile apps – which has a tremendous impact on business sales and user retention. 

Cost-efficient – Unlike regular apps, you spend lower costs for technology implementation (fewer developers, time-release, and no store fees).

Mobile app-like UI – Since PWA is built on the app shell model, it feels like an app to users with app-style interaction and navigation.

User engagement – Sending push notifications to the user that keeps him informed of what is happening in your company (even with offline connectivity).

Rank in SEO – PWA is indexed and improves SEO performance. Your site will have higher positions in the search results.

Security – Working over HTTPS protocol prevents data interception and ensures the material has not been tampered with.

Easy deployment – There is no need for app stores and long waiting for installation. PWA allows your users to “save” them on the home screen in one click. 

Automatically refresh – Unlike regular apps, your users of PWA won’t even notice when the update happens, only its latest result.

FreySoft expertise in PWA development 

FreySoft offers PWA development services, considering the peculiarities of your business and its need. With us, you quickly enhance the mobile presence and grow website traffic within a reasonable budget.

Over the years, we have developed PWAs that are secure, fast-loading, along with keeping the company’s visitors engaged, and improving brand visibility via cross-platform presence. To know more, get acquainted with our successfully implemented PWAs projects and the business results.